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conference123 sincerely invites specialists and scholars to join the conferences and become the reviewers of conference123.

Qualifications for Reviewers

The applicant must have a doctoral degree or relevant professional title of lecturer or above.


The applicant is requested to possess at least 3 years' research or working experience in the related areas of the conference.


The applicant should have no less than 3 publications in the same topic area of the conference.


The applicant with relevant review experience is preferred.

Benefits of Reviewers
  • Welfare

    Vouchers are issued to reviewers based on the number of reviews, which can be used to offset conference registration fees.

  • Expert Certification

    Reviewers can receive reviewer certificates.

  • Journal Collaboration

    Experts may be recommended to collaborate with international journals as editors, editor-in-chief or guest editor of the special issue.

  • Academic Events

    Organize and participate in academic events such as work experience exchange meetings, webinars, etc.

  • Individual Publication

    We will help experts contact international publishers to publish academic works, theses for master's and doctoral degrees and other books, etc.

  • Academic Exchange

    Expand academic communication circle and enhance academic research and writing ability.

Join Us

If you are interested, you could join by following the ways below.

1. Quick Submission

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Tip: You can apply for reviewer at different conferences in different months, but you can only apply for one reviewer in the same month.

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2. Email Submission

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, please download the proposal form and submit your application package to

Your application package should include following documents:
1. A completed proposal form
2. Your curriculum vitae

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